We welcome databasics - another new Qudos 3 IMS software client

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Qudos welcomes DAM solutions provider databasics, as another new Qudos3 IMS software client.

12 February 2024.

For over 30 years databasics has been a leading provider of DAM (digital asset management) solutions and services in Australia / New Zealand – helping clients to make more effective use of their digital assets and realise the full potential of their ROI. databasic's clients are some of the region's biggest brands in a wide range of government, education and industry sectors. It’s flagship Canto solution is revolutionising how digital asset management is used to manage content with AI Visual Search and integration with a wide range of apps. If you would like to know more about DAM and Canto, a free trial and demo are available.

databasics is using Qudos3 IMS software for its integrated quality and information security management system. The databasics CEO, Ricky Patten has this to say about the benefits of using Qudos3 IMS software.  

"Qudos3 provides an organised process by which I can work through the process of implementing compliance within databasics and gives me confidence that we shall be successful in 2024 achieving our compliance certifications.

Our journey at databasics, in providing Digital Asset Management solutions, has been profoundly expertise and dedication to excellence have been more than just a service. The team at Qudos have been a guiding light throughout the past year, as I have worked towards achieving ISO27001, and ISO9001 compliance.

On a personal note, the journey with Qudos has been one of mutual growth and shared values. Their team's commitment to excellence and their unwavering support have been instrumental in helping us navigate the complexities of compliance with ease and confidence. It's a partnership that goes beyond business, rooted in a shared vision of delivering not just solutions, but peace of mind in the ever-evolving digital landscape. I am truly grateful for the role Qudos has played in our story, making our offerings not just compliant, but truly secure and trustworthy."

We are delighted to have assisted such a leader in the important and growing area of digital asset management, and we welcome databasics to the growing community of QudosIMS software clients.

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