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There are increasing demands on organisations to protect the health and safety of their workers. Those demands are enshrined in legislation and various codes of practice. With penalties for noncompliance also increasing, it is now more important than ever for business owners and managers to put all the necessary controls in place - to make the workplace safer, and to demonstrate due diligence. The way to do that is with an OHSMS - or Health and Safety management system.

ISO 45001 Safety Toolkit will help you to understand requirements - then plan and document your own system.

*Ideal for new systems - or updating from legacy standards such as OHSAS 18001 or AS/NZS 4801.


Improve your understanding of OHS and the ISO standard

The first step to developing a standards-based system, is to have a clear understanding of the basic concepts, and the requirements of the ISO 45001 standard. Fortunately, ISO 45001 Safety Toolkit includes a remarkable eBook that explains basic concepts, and provides guidance on the standard - in plain English!

It has a chapter on the requirements of each clause in the standard, with each chapter including A Summary of ISO 45001 requirements, a detailed Discussion on various aspects and implications of those requirements, References to applicable  clauses in ISO 45001 and other compliance standards, One or more Case studies, an itemised Activity plan, and links to numerous sample documents and other tools.


A series of smart training presentations help you learn about various aspects of quality management - such as the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle and the journey of continuous improvement, techniques and protocols for internal audits, risk management, and management review.

The Help file provides guidance on using MS Word and customising documents, and a series of training presentations help you to learn about various aspects of OHS management.


Plan your OHSMS with confidence

To successfully develop a system within a reasonable timeframe requires the required tasks need to be identified and planned methodically. ISO 45001 Safety Toolkit provides the tools for the job, including:

Our Gap Analysis Tools are exhaustive checklists - to self-assess how your existing arrangements measure up to the requirements of ISO 45001, and then outline what enhancements will be made to comply with the standard. Versions are provided for a OHSMS using Qudos 3 software, a standard OHSMS, and an IMS (Integrated Management System)

The Gap Anaysis document will be your most valuable aid in planning your system.

To help you manage the development or updating of your quality management system, the System Project Plan divides the project into 5 key stages for:

  1. Understanding
  2. Planning
  3. Documentation
  4. Implementation
  5. Verification

...and then provides a timeline for each itemised component within those stages. The 5 stages align with the Activity Plans in relevant chapters of the ISO 45001 Safety Toolkit guidebook.


Save time documenting your system

The standard has some compulsory requirements for documentation - while other documents are optional.

Documenting a management system can be one of the most time-consuming aspects - and that's just one more area where Safety Toolkit scores heavily! Its comprehensive pack of sample documents are designed by a team of qualified OHS management consultants and auditors - ready for easy customizing using Microsoft Word.

Samples include all the documents needed to meet the mandatory requirements of the standard. The selection facilitates options for systems that integrate Environmental, OHS, and Quality management.

A series of OHS-related Policies are provided.

Sample Procedures include:

  • Records management
  • Corrective action
  • Internal audits
  • Incident management
  • Return to work
  • Risk management
  • Emergency response
  • Maintaining awareness of Legal requirements

Some procedures are in a traditional text format, and others include flow charts. While remaining perfectly suited for printing, the sample procedures in Safety Toolkit have also been optimised for on-screen viewing. They incorporate the Navigation View or Document Map feature of MS Word to provide easy navigation via automated style-based hyperlinks.


Helping you put your OHSMS into practice

Your system needs to be implemented and checked that it is working effectively. Forms and checklists help to prompt action and are essential to record what took place. As you might expect, ISO 45001 Safety Toolkit is full of ready-made samples for you to choose from. They include:

  • Accident / Incident report
  • Risk assessment
  • PPE assessment
  • Induction checklist
  • Training record
  • Competency checklist
  • Audit schedule
  • Emergency contact list
  • Meeting minutes
  • First aid box checklist
  • and many more...

While most of the templates are provided for printed use, to widen your options, some examples are also optimised for on-screen completion - using form fields.

It is likely that you will need to communicate with employees, customers, and other interested parties about your management system. Safety Toolkit includes numerous sample Letters and memos for various OHS-related subjects. These may be used as the basis of a series of standard letters, and help ensure a consistent approach to communications.

How can you get ISO 45001 Safety Toolkit?

You can get started right away by joining Qudos Club

It is also available as part of the all-inclusive Qudos 3 solution for managing your OHSMS or IMS effectively and efficiently.

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