ISO standard Gap Analysis Service
Have a qualified certification auditor perform your gap analysis

Gap Analysis for ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, and SO 14001 compliance

A professional service to help you bridge the gap to the latest ISO management system standards.

The first step in developing or updating a system is to identify any gaps between what is currently in place, and the requirements of the relevant ISO standard(s). This process is known as a Gap Analysis. Qudos has successfully provided Gap Analysis services to a wide range of clients over many years. This service is available to help your organization bridge the gap to ISO standards compliance. The service can be based on just one or any combination of the standards that you need to address. The Gap Analysis will be performed by a qualified and experienced lead auditor in the topic. They will perform the analysis in liaison with your key personnel, considering:

  • Existing documents / methods of managing work processes.
  • The requirements of the relevant standard in the context of your operations.
  • The gaps between existing arrangements and those requirements.
  • A strategy to eliminate those gaps and update the system with a process and risk management approach.

This process will include information gathering, review of documents provided, consideration of strategy, and submission of report. The analysis may be conducted on-site or remotely, and the report may be used as a dynamic tool in the development of your system.



"Extremely professional and easy to work with. I am looking forward to the next opportunity to use them for Gap analysis/Audit. Highly recommended." Jon Bunch, General Manager, Bay Technologies. 



"The Qudos team were extremely professional and very easy to work with. The service they provided was second to none. I am looking forward to the next opportunity to use them for an audit/gap analysis." Didier Dejean, Compliance and Risk Manager, Valvoline Oil.

The Qudos ISO Gap Analysis service offers two unique advantages.

  1. Existing Qudos3 IMS software clients
    Your analysis can be recorded directly into your software to trigger and assign automated action plans to fast-track the process of addressing gaps and aid tracking of progress. Complimentary training session provided.
  2. Other clients - a 3-month free trial of Qudos3 IMS Software - the efficient and effective solution for operating your management system - offering an absolutely unrivalled combination of functionality and features for long-term benefits.

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