Qudos 3 Tech Support

Technical Support


Qudos3 is a browser-based software application. It is compatible with recent versions of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge

We do not recommend use with Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.​ Qudos3 uses pop-ups for some functions. Therefore, the users' Pop-up blocker should be set to allow pop-ups from the site hosting the application.

Updates are automatically applied for our cloud service clients.

File download for Self-hosted clients only

Downloads of the latest and previous updates are available to nominated support personnel for current self-hosted subscribers.

Please note: This link is not to log into your software installation. Contact your Administrator for access.

Support Options

Help files

Qudos3 has an extensive Help system with numerous "How to..." sections that explain key activities. The Help system is available from the Help menu within the application, and also from a hyperlink on the Welcome page.

Most lists and data entry forms within Qudos3 also offer context-sensitive help. This an invaluable tool that takes you directly to the Help file referring to the list or form that you are using. That Help file will also include a link to guide you through relevant activities. In most cases, when in a list or form, you may press the F1 function key to get context-sensitive Help. On some devices, it may be necessary to press Fn + F1.


A series of training and product information videos are available for download from Qudos3 menu item Help / Resource Centre / Videos.


Qudos frequently host Expresso webinars. These generally cover new software features or other key topics. They are available to all Qudos3 users. News on forthcoming webinars and recordings of some previous ones are available in Qudos3 menu item Help / Resource Centre / Webinars.

Email notifications

Product update and information emails are sent to your nominated contacts. Please ensure that you keep us updated with your current contacts.

Technical Support Articles

A series of Tech Support Articles are available within the Qudos3 Help system and Qudos3 menu item Help / Resource Centre / Articles. Unless otherwise stated, these articles are based on the latest version of the software.

Admin Guide

PDF document that covers installation and setup. This is available in the Resource Centre and to nominated contacts for our self-hosted clients via the Downloads page.

Direct Support

Direct technical support is available to nominated contact person(s) for current maintenance subscribers only. A nominated contact person may request direct support by email, or by using the Technical Support Request Form.

Professional services

In addition to the wide range of software support options above, Qudos also has a team of qualified and experienced consultants that can assist in the development, update, and maintenance of your management system. They can combine their industry experience with unrivalled knowledge of your software system to help achieve the optimal results for you.