Qudos 3 - Quality, OHS, Environment, and Information Security management in one integrated software solution

  •  You need effective compliance and risk management.
  •  You need automatic reports and reminders.
  •  You need access from anywhere.
  •  You need access via PC, laptop, tablet, or iPad.
  •  You need to secure your data and documents.

The modern business world requires effective and efficient systems – with ease of use, automation, and powerful search, query and reporting options. Qudos 3 is the all-inclusive solution for Quality, OHS and Environmental Management Systems - with an absolutely unrivalled combination of functionality and features - available in server or cloud options.

Integrate and Automate your system

Qudos 3 has the flexibility to help you address a wide range of compliance / risk management requirements. For example:

  • ISO45001 / AS/NZS4801 / OHSAS18001 OHS Management
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management
  • ISO9001 Quality Management
  • ISO27001 Information Security Management
  • ISO31000 Risk Management
  • Industry Accreditation
  • Legislative / regulatory

Your system may be configured for just one compliance issue, or any combination of them in an integrated management system.

Qudos 3 may be used for a single site, or across multiple sites - with no geographical limits, and on a wide range of computers, iPads, tablets, Surface Pros, and Smartphones.

"The Qudos 3 corrective actions database has enabled us to better identify, escalate and flag issues in real time, this along with the statistical information Qudos 3 provides will allow for the continual improvement of our integrated management system into the future"

John Benson, Compliance and Management Systems Advisor.
Queensland Government DNRME (Department of Natural Resources, Mining & Energy)

The Functions you need throughout your system

The concept of integration extends further. Qudos 3 enables a wider than ever range of tasks to be addressed in a cohesive manner - using one powerful application.

Independent research has also confirmed that Qudos 3 with its QualitySafety and Enviro toolkits offers probably the worlds' most comprehensive solution for compliance and risk management. For example:

  • Tools to help you understand requirements for a management system, and conduct system planning.
  • Planning Objectives for your whole organization, and individaul business units, locations, products, services, and processes.
  • Hundreds of Sample Documents - such as Policies, Procedures, Forms, and Process Plans - ready for instant use or easy customising in their native formats (such as Word and Excel) to help you start system documentation quickly
  • Document management - including facilities for document issue, identification, auto-scheduling of reviews, revisions, and auto-archiving. The Guest account provides an unrestricted number of people with access to view and print documents via a Master Document List with advanced search and filter capabilities
  • Incident and issues management - reporting of suggestions, complaints, nonconformances, incidents, accidents, and injuries - all with automated email notifications
  • Planning and recording of solutions to correct issues, and take Improvement / Corrective actions
  • Scheduling and recording of Internal Audits
  • Scheduling and recording of Management Reviews and other Meetings - including many automated features such as default agendas, action-generation and email notification
  • Recording Training / Skills / Employee development, and analysing data
  • Risk Assessment and management
  • Performance measurement

"IA Design has utilised both the Qudos consultancy and software offering and found both to be of a high quality. As a company transitioning to the new quality standard I have found their advice invaluable and the process simple and effective. I would recommend the software as it makes the mechanics of managing the system very easy."

John Healy, Partner
IA Group (Architecture / Security consultancy).

Secure, Reliable Data Storage

Qudos 3 uses a robust, industry-leading MS SQL Server database to offer more secure, reliable data storage with the best options for analysis, reporting, and notification - helping you access important information and distribute it where needed in your organisation. This trusted platform will help you turn data into actions and better decisions.

Controlled access is via individual User IDs and encrypted passwords. Your own administrator may enable each users view/edit rights access on a modular basis as best suits your needs.

The Master Document List displays approved documents in their native formats in read-only mode - eliminating the possibility of unauthorised changes to them. Authorised changes are by a controlled Revision process - requiring appropriate security permission and password sign-off.

In major data-entry forms throughout the application - such as Objective, Audit Record, Meeting Record, Risk Assessment, Benchmark Assessment, and Action Forms - the integrity of data is protected by locking with User ID and encrypted password.

"Qudos 3 greatly assisted our London bus business attain ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 within 6 months"

Keith Rogers, Compliance Director.
Tower Transit Group - UK & Singapore

Easy to Use

For the technically minded, the Qudos 3 uses leading-edge Microsoft Dotnet technology - the industry standard for web-based, enterprise software.

For the rest of us, that means that the user interface is a clean modern look in a familiar web browser environment. There is no installation necessary on client-side computers - resulting in much less maintenance work for IT personnel, no delays for new users, and multi-site / off-site capability.

To save time and effort, Qudos 3 automates many tasks for you - such as scheduling document reviews, generating actions from meetings, audits and risk assessments, and generating email notifications.

"The ratio of benefit over cost for Qudos 3 is enormous"

Amanda Cox, Systems Administrator.
Port of Townsville

Comprehensive Training Resources for you and your team

Qudos 3 and its toolkits are packed with material to help you plan, document, and implement your management system, and train colleagues. Resources include:

  • An extensive, and context-sensitive Help file
  • Electronic books on Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental management
  • 3 PDF User Guides for Administrators, Users, and Guests
  • Word versions of User Guides for customising to suit your own business rules and configuration options
  • Training videos

To supplement the software, Qudos and its partners can also offer a range of training and consulting services including:

  • Software user training - typically in half-day or full-day sessions for groups or key individuals
  • Gap analysis - review of compliance issues, situation analysis, and the path forward
  • System development services
  • Internal Auditor Training - Training of one or more people to help you achieve better outcomes from your internal audit programme, and make the most cost-effective use of resources
  • Long-term provision of contract internal auditing and system management services

"Great software. Makes managing your QA/OHS/Environmental system a piece of cake"

Chris Grigg, QESH Manager APAC

Flexible Licencing for cloud or server installation

The basic Qudos 3 is licenced for up to 5 full users + 1 bonus user + an unrestricted number Guest users who may view/print documents. Increases to licence size are available in units of 5. Each full user is licenced for full read/edit rights in all modules. Your own administrator may permit read/edit access on a modular, business unit, or location basis to best suit your needs. There are no concurrent restrictions - All users may access the software simultaneously.

The applications' design enables a range of installation options to suit every need:

  • As a traditional software package - for installation on your own server by your technicians or ours
  • Hosted for you on our own dedicated servers - with a standard software licence
  • Cloud Software-as-a-service - with contract periods starting at just 3 months!

The cloud hosted options offers a quick start and no hassles - we do the installation, provide secure, encrypted access, maintain your software in a secure data centre, and automatically apply any updates for you. We even do off-site backups of your documents and data each business day. Facility is also provided for you to take your own back-up copy on demand. You require little more than a broadband connection and a browser! If required, your system may be quickly converted to a self-hosted, full software licence at a later date.

We believe the combination of these advantages offers a most compelling business case for any organisation seeking to manage compliance and risk. That's why we call Qudos 3 the Ultimate Solution for Compliance and Risk management.