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Quality, OHS, Environment, and Information Security management in one integrated solution - with Qudos 3 IMS software

Qudos 3 IMS software modules
  •  You need effective compliance and risk management.
  •  You need automatic reports and reminders.
  •  You need access from anywhere.
  •  You need access via PC, laptop, tablet or iPad.
  •  You need to secure your data and documents.

The modern business world requires effective and efficient systems – with ease of use, automation, and powerful search and reporting options. Qudos 3 IMS Software is the all-inclusive solution for any compliance and risk management system - with an absolutely unrivalled combination of functionality and features - available in server or cloud options.

Integrate and Automate your system

Qudos 3 IMS Software has the flexibility to help you address a wide range of compliance standards including:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 45001 OHS Management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management
  • ISO 22301 Business continuity
  • NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)
  • + many other accreditation / regulatory requirements

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Your system may be configured for just one compliance issue, or any combination of them in a fully integrated management system.

Qudos 3 may be used at home or in the office, on a single site, or across multiple sites - with no geographical limits, and on a wide range of devices including: desktop computers, laptops, iPads, tablets and Surface Pros.

"The Qudos 3 corrective actions database has enabled us to better identify, escalate and flag issues in real time, this along with the statistical information Qudos 3 provides will allow for the continual improvement of our integrated management system into the future"

John Benson, Compliance and Management Systems Advisor.
Queensland Government DNRME (Department of Natural Resources, Mining & Energy)

The Functions you need throughout your system

The concept of integration extends further. Qudos 3 IMS Software enables a wider than ever range of tasks to be addressed in one powerful application. It offers a truly comprehensive solution for compliance and risk management that enables you to:

  • Understand ISO requirements and with eBooks and other resources in compreensive Quality, Safety, Enviro, and InfoSec toolkits.
  • Perform Gap analysis and conduct system planning. Qudos 3 includes exclusive and comprehensive Gap Analysis tools for ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 45001 OHS, ISO 14001 Environment, ISO 27001 Information Security and ISO 22301 Business Continuity - fully integrated with action assignment, notification, management and progress monitoring facilities.
  • Plan Objectives for your whole organization, and individual business units, locations, products, services, and processes.
  • Document your system utilising hundreds of sample documents - such as Policies, Procedures, Forms, and Process Plans - ready for instant use or easy customising in their native formats (such as Word and Excel) to help you start system documentation quickly.
  • Document management - including facilities for document issue, identification, auto-scheduling of reviews, revisions, and auto-archiving. All users have access to view and print documents via a Master Document List with advanced search and filter capabilities.
  • Implement effective Incident and issues management - reporting of suggestions, complaints, nonconformances, incidents, accidents, and injuries - all with automated email notifications.
  • Plan and record Actions to address issues, perform root cause analysis, and take Improvement / Corrective actions.
  • Integrate Injury management tasks - log work-related injuries and related factors including lost time, work / shift patterns, insurance claims and rehabilitation plans.
  • Schedule and record Internal Audits, Inspections and Checks. A wide range of sample audit checklists are provided.
  • Schedule and record Management Reviews and other Meetings - including customisable default agendas, reminders to attendees, action-generation, email notification, and invites linked to Outlook and Google calendars.
  • Record Training / Skills / Employee development, and analyse data
  • Profile and evaluate key Suppliers.
  • Perform Risk Assessment and management. A Risk Register is automatically created from your assessments. Includes assigned risk ownership with linked action-assignment and traceability.
  • Conduct Performance Benchmarking in a variety of contexts. Includes linked action-assignment.
  • Manage your Assets with the Asset Register and data-entry forms for both physical and information assets. These offer links to multiple tasks - creating automated reminders.

"IA Design has utilised both the Qudos consultancy and software offering and found both to be of a high quality. As a company transitioning to the new quality standard I have found their advice invaluable and the process simple and effective. I would recommend the software as it makes the mechanics of managing the system very easy."

John Healy, Partner

IA Group (Architecture / Security consultancy).

Secure, Reliable Data Storage

Qudos 3 IMS Software uses a robust, industry-leading MS SQL Server database to offer more secure, reliable data storage with the best options for analysis, reporting, and notification - helping you access important information and distribute it where needed in your organisation. This trusted platform will help you turn data into actions and better decisions.

A range of security measures including advanced encryption are utilised to protect your data.

Controlled access is via individual User IDs and passwords. Your own administrators may enable each user's view/edit rights access based on selected criteria to best suit your needs.

The Master Document List displays approved documents in their native formats in read-only mode - eliminating the possibility of unauthorised changes to them. Authorised changes are by a controlled Revision process - requiring appropriate security permission and password sign-off.

In major data-entry forms throughout the application - such as Objective, Audit Record, Meeting Record, Risk Assessment, Benchmark Assessment, and Action Forms - the integrity of data is protected by locking with unique User ID and Password.

"Qudos 3 greatly assisted our London bus business attain ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 within 6 months"

Keith Rogers, Compliance Director.
Tower Transit Group - UK & Singapore

Easy to Use

For the technically minded, the Qudos 3 IMS Software uses leading-edge Microsoft Dotnet technology - the industry standard for web-based, enterprise software.

For the rest of us, that means that the user interface is a clean modern look in a familiar web browser environment. There is no installation necessary on client-side computers - resulting in much less maintenance work for IT personnel, no delays for new users, and multi-site / off-site capability.

To save time and effort, Qudos 3 automates many tasks for you - such as scheduling document reviews, generating actions from meetings, audits and risk assessments, and generating email notifications.

"The ratio of benefit over cost for Qudos 3 is enormous"

Amanda Cox, Systems Administrator.
Port of Townsville

Comprehensive Training Resources for you and your team

Qudos 3 and its toolkits are packed with material to help you plan, document, and implement your management system, and train colleagues. Resources include:

  • An extensive, and context-sensitive Help file
  • Electronic books on Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental management
  • Online portal with file and guides for your Administrators
  • Training videos

To supplement the software, Qudos and its partners can also offer a range of training and consulting services including:

  • Software user training - typically in half-day or full-day sessions for groups or key individuals
  • Gap analysis - review of compliance issues, situation analysis, and the path forward
  • System development services
  • Internal Auditor Training - Training of one or more people to help you achieve better outcomes from your internal audit programme, and make the most cost-effective use of resources
  • Long-term provision of contract internal auditing and system management services

"Great software. Makes managing your QA/OHS/Environmental system a piece of cake"

Chris Grigg, QESH Manager APAC


Cloud or on-premise installation with flexible licence options

The Qudos 3 cloud service offers an immediate start and no hassles - we do the installation, provide secure, encrypted access, maintain your software in a secure data centre, and automatically apply any updates for you. We even do off-site backups of your documents and data each business day. Facility is also provided for you to take your own back-up copy. You require little more than a broadband connection and a browser!

Qudos 3 is also available as a traditional software package - for installation on your own server.

Qudos 3 has a range of licence types and access levels to suit all needs.  Price start at just a low $3090 +GST.

We believe the combination of these advantages offers a most compelling business case for any organisation seeking to manage compliance and risk. That's why Qudos 3 is the trusted solution for Integrated Management Systems.

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