Quality Business campaign begins

Date: 26 August 2019

AOQ Quality Business Magazine

We are excited to announce the launch of our advertising campaign with the AOQ (The Australian Organisation for Quality) Quality Business magazine. The campaign begins with 2019 issue 3 - which has just been released.

Quality Business magazine is the AOQ's flagship publication, produced in partnership with the New Zealand Organisation for Quality.  It’s a reliable source of information about what is happening in Quality Management and Business Excellence.  It brings articles and information that is up to date, insightful and practical. Quality Business is one of the most valued benefits of AOQ membership.

Quality Business is produced quarterly and is available in print and online to AOQ Members as well as subscribers and advertisers. Issue 3 includes articles on improvement tools, experimental design, trends in certification, and a contract closure checklist.

Our campaign naturally focuses on Qudos 3 - the comprehensive solution for managing a QMS or IMS. A copy of the ad is reproduced below.

More information on AOQ is available at https://www.aoq.net.au/.