Powerful new document acknowledgement feature for Qudos 3 IMS software

Document acknowledgement
Document acknowledgement

16 November 2023.

Document acknowledgement

Document acknowledgement is a simple process where employees and other relevant people are required to acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to comply with the statements in a document. They document may be a handbook, manual, or something else even, but it is perhaps most typically a policy.

The document acknowledgement process is beneficial to organisations in several ways. It helps to establish a good communication protocol in sharing important documents with workers.  It provides feedback or who has (or at least claims to have) read and understood new or updated policies etc. It can also potentially help in any dispute if a person subsequently claims that they were unaware of a requirement they would obliged to fulfill.

For these reasons and more, a document acknowledgement process has proven to be very useful in a wide range of HR and industrial relations areas, but it is also becoming increasingly common in the vital field of information security.

The new ISO 27001 requirement for document acknowledgement

ISO 27001 is the leading standard for information security management systems. The were many high-profile changes in the most recent edition. However, one that slipped in almost unnoticed was the requirement in Annex control A5.1 for acknowledgement of relevant policies.

Where the previous edition of the standard required a set of policies to be defined, approved by management, published and communicated, the new edition subtly added the word acknowledged. It's just one word but one that contains significant implications. It means that to fully comply with the new requirements of this control, an organisation needs to establish a process by which people can make their acknowledgement, and records can be retained by audit purposes.

Powerful new document acknowledgement feature for Qudos3 IMS software

It is, of course, possible for individuals to physically or digitally sign documents to indicate their acknowledgement and for copies to be kept.  We thought there should be a smarter way.

Our Qudos3 IMS software already offers very comprehensive document management facilities. It provides very effective means of making documents available with many ways to control access, a document review schedule with automated reminders, a wiki feature for collaboration and feedback, plus an efficient document revision and automatic archiving process.  For those reasons and more, it is already used by thousands globally.

Qudos 3 IMS software my acknowledgements

Now, we are proud to announce a brand new addition includes a very efficient and effective document acknowledgement process that enables your organization to:

  • Specify documents that require acknowledgement.
  • Specify which groups of people and / or individuals should acknowledge them.
  • Provide a simple and effective means of acknowledgement for all users
  • Automatically remind people to acknowledge.
  • Track acknowledgements.

Qudos3 adds the power of automation to make the process much easier and more efficient for new workers at their induction and for anyone when a policy or other document has a significant revision.

This powerful feature is being rolled out to our cloud service clients right now.

Qudos 3 IMS software document management

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