Our next webinar: Information security in the use of cloud services

Webinar: Information security in the use of cloud services
Webinar: Information security in the use of cloud services

21 August 2023.

Information Security in the use of cloud services

As any regular visitor to this site will know, Qudos has long been presenting webinars on information security on behalf of the Queensland Government.

The current series has a focus on cyber security - a key element of the wider topic of information security and something that affects us all.

The next webinar in this series is on information security in the use of cloud services.

When your computer hardware and software are on-premise, it’s up to your business to manage and update it as needed.  As such, from an information security perspective, on-premise IT infrastructure presents a high level of responsibility.

Cloud computing allows for parts of that infrastructure to be outsourced remotely or ‘ín the cloud’. It can be dealt with by people and organizations that are expert in such things and allows your business to concentrate on what it does best. While it offers many advantages, there are some information security risks that need to be considered and addressed.

This webinar will discuss and demonstrate some of the controls that your business can put in place.

To register or find out more click here:  Webinar 2 Information Security in the use of cloud services

We look forward to seeing you.


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'ISO 27001 Information Security in plain English'

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