Unless otherwise stated, technical support information is based on the latest version of software. Earlier versions may vary. Previously, the Quality, Safety, and Enviro Toolkits were available as standalone products on CD media. More recent versions are available in the QudosClub online resource centre, or as a part of Qudos 3. Recent versions have the version number indicated on the index or home page. The version number format is the year of release + a letter of the alphabet e.g. the first version released in 2017 would be indicated as v17A.

Please contact Qudos for information on updates.


The Quality, Safety and Enviro Toolkits all use a browser interface to access resources - such as sample documents in MS Office formats. As with all 'web' applications, their performance may be affected by browser settings, and other security and content management software installed on your computer. They should be suitably configured to allow normal functionality. Your browser's pop-up blocker should be set to allow pop-ups from the application's URL.

Windows compatibility

There are no known compatibility issues for versions of MS Windows from XP through to 10.

Browser compatibility

The Quality, Safety, and Enviro Toolkits are compatible with recent versions of most browsers including MS Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Opera, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari.

In the event of difficulty displaying any of the Qudos toolkits, registered users should contact us by sending a Tech support request. Please include details of the brand and version of your browser.

MS Office compatibility

There are no known compatibility issues with MS Office 2007 or later. Some files may not display in earlier versions of MS Office. Some files include features that will only work in recent versions of MS Office.

The toolkits have their own Help files that provide general guidance. Most technical issues will relate to your browser settings and MS Office, and reference may be made to their Help files.

If none of these answers your query, your nominated contact person(s) may request direct support by telephone or using the Technical Support Request Form