The Qudos Quarterly Newsletter - March 2023

Qudos Management Systems Newsletter

2 March 2023

Quarterly newsletter on ISO management systems

Qudos publishes a quarterly newsletter to provide free information and guidance on compliance and risk management systems. The content offers valuable information and resources to help with your management system - some of which is not publicly available anywhere else. It primarily relates to systems and certification issues relating to ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 27001 Information Security, ISO 45001 OHS, and ISO 14001 Environment. per Our latest newsletter was released to subscribers yesterday and includes:

  • Making sure your management system objectives reflect a very different year
    The last couple of years have been... well, different. The covid pandemic has presented the business world with many new risks - and a few opportunities for some at least. It has accelerated some existing trends and created new ones. Add in the war in Ukraine, other geo-political tensions, concerns about climate change, and the rise of AI (artificial intelligence) and it's far from business as usual.
  • Free Audit Template - downloadable template in Microsoft Word format
  • Is there a hole in your internal quality audit programme?
  • Information Security webinar series
  • Expanding a QMS into an IMS - Your questions answered
  • Qudos 3 IMS Software Update News
  • ISO 27001 Information Security in plain English - downloadable slide deck
    With the increasing awareness and concern about cyber security, and requirements from government and corporate procurement for certification, this is a really hot topic. This provides a great introduction to the topic of information security and the very latest ISO 27001 standard.
  • New IT Security Review service

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