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Incident and Injury management cloud

19 November 2020 | Incident and injury management can sometimes be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be that way. For example, automation can help your health and safety team get information faster and easier, and spend their time in more productive ways. Qudos3 IMS software will help you do exactly that.

With a browser interface that can be accessible across your whole organisation, Qudos3 enables effective recording of incidents, Injuries, near-misses, hazards, complaints, suggestions, nonconformances and other issues. Where an incident has led to illness or injury, there is an integrated workflow for Injury management. That includes return-to-work, rehabilitation planning and insurance claims. For your assurance and convenience, records are maintained in a centralised location with confidential access controls.

Qudos3 automatically emails the person responsible for actions and helps them to plan, Implement, track, and report progress of corrective and improvement actions. It also facilitates the planning and recording of Root cause investigations - with overdue actions being automatically escalated. Users can generate and link up to 99 related actions for investigations, root cause analysis, or instances of similar issues.

It even produces real-time, corporate or localised reports as tables, or full-colour Line graphs, Pie or Bar charts.  These may be filtered to suit your immediate needs. For example, by:

  • Business Unit
  • Location
  • Type
  • Topic
  • How raised
  • Status
  • Date period

In addition, the Injury dashboard may be filtered by:

  • Nature of injury
  • Mechanism
  • Agency
  • Bodily location
  • Treatment level
  • Lost time / period.

For integrated systems

Pre-designed and custom templates help establish a consistent corporate-wide approach to reporting all OHS issues - as well as those relating to Quality, Environment, and other compliance / risk management topics.

Most management system standards have common requirements for controlling nonconformity, root cause investigation and corrective action.  Qudos3 therefore facilitates compliance with not just ISO 45001 but also ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and many other standards.

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