Do you want better tools for reporting issues? 


1 September 2020

Management system issues reporting

Good tools for identifying and reporting issues should be a key component of any management system. Identifying and reporting issues are the first steps towards planning and taking actions to solve problems and achieving long-term improvement. The process naturally forms a key element of the PDCA cycle and all management system standards.

The Actions module in Qudos3 IMS software is designed to enable many different issues to be logged across a wide range of topics. Its extensive filter and free text options allow limitless possibilities. Typical uses include: Quality Nonconformances, Customer Complaints and Feedback, Employee Suggestions, Technical Queries, Tech Support Requests, Health and Safety Hazards, Environmental Incidents, Security Concerns and Breaches, Requests for Information, and so many more.

Many organizations have their own requirements for what information should be logged in the event of specific issues. Qudos3 IMS software now includes a powerful new Action Template feature. This allows the initial text field to prompt the logging of certain details in a wide range of scenarios. For example, a template for 'Customer feedback' may prompt logging of:

  • The date / time that the feedback was received
  • The customer's name
  • Their organization (if any)
  • Their contact details
  • Details of the feedback received
  • The response required etc.

Instructions can also be provided on communications paths, responses or items to attach to the report.

Of course, that's just one example. Reporting issues can cover a whole range of subjects and events. The details that are required will depend on your organization and the particular issue being reported.  Qudos has provided a series of default templates and the option for clients to edit them and create templates of their own. The possibilities are entirely configurable and virtually endless!

The Action Template feature has already been rolled out to all our cloud service clients as part of our agile release programme. It will shortly be made available to our on-premise clients.