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New PDCA cycle training video

The PDCA cycle – new training video Date: 12 September 2019 The PDCA cycle is the key principle behind ISO 9001 and all modern management system standards.  Because of that, we believe that it’s of great benefit if those involved in developing and implementing systems can have a broad understanding of the concept. So, Qudos…

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Quality Business Campaign begins

Quality Business campaign begins Date: 26 August 2019 We are excited to announce the launch of our advertising campaign with the AOQ (The Australian Organisation for Quality) Quality Business magazine. The campaign begins with 2019 issue 3 – which has just been released. Quality Business magazine is the AOQ’s flagship publication, produced in partnership with…

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What’s the best Quality Management tool?

What’s the best quality management tool? Date: 7 August 2019, Author: Alan M. Jones Background There are many quality management tools available and some have been in existence for a good number of years. Process analysis and improvement tools played a major part in the early development of quality management. However, with the advent of the…

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Preventing human error and omissions

Preventing human error 11 July 2019 The latest version of ISO 9001 included many significant changes, and the headline acts were probably the change in focus from documentation to risk management, the enhanced process requirements, and the adoption of ISO’s common structure and terminology. However, there were a few requirements that slid in without much…

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Are you getting to the root of the problem?

Are you getting to the root of the problem? 20 March 2019 When problems occur in organisations, it is generally easiest to deal with the symptoms – for they are the immediately obvious manifestation of the problem and dealing with them is what gets recognition. So that’s exactly what we tend to do. Something goes…

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Introducing Qudos 3.36

Introducing Qudos 3.36   16 November 2018 Qudos is delighted to announce the latest version of Qudos 3 – the leading IMS (Integrated Management System) software application. This builds on recent updates to add even more functionality and facilitate a high level of collaboration in many areas. Here are some of the enhancements that we…

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