A new trend in team building and wellness

Art Farmer Team Building

25 October 2023.

In this post-pandemic era, there seems to be some converging trends in team building, and wellness initiatives in businesses. With hybrid working now very common, there are blurring of the lines between work and home,  There have been several excellent articles on the psycho-social and other health and safety issues associated with remote working by Helen Trinca and others in The Australian newspaper. Many forward-thinking businesses are now taking the initiative to reducing mental health stress.

That same hybrid working model is also increasing the imperative to promote team building and bonding amongst the workforce. Many colleagues simply no longer meet each other as frequently as they once would have.

Team building solutions

Traditionally, team building has been achieved by arranging events after-work drinks or meals out, barbecues, and adventure activities. They can all be great fun. In recent times there has been a new kid on the team building block in the shape of "paint and sip" art classes. These can help to spark creativity and connectivity and are usually led by an experienced artist.

A point of difference

A new Brisbane art business that has taken the concept of art for team building and wellness considerably further is Art Farmer. Based in Uptown (the former Myer Centre) in Brisbane CBD, Art Farmer creates team events with creative collaboration exercises where your team can work together guided by their in-house artist and - perhaps uniquely - a resident psychologist.

Art Farmer's Kirsti Holland says "Creativity is the best way to address negativity and open channels of communication. It can help a team to achieve a sense of satisfaction, cooperation and connectiveness".

Art Farmer 2

Above: Photographic processes are used to give you a head start in creating that workplace masterpiece.

Discount for Qudos clients

Art Farmer is offering Qudos clients a 30% discount off all sessions and team building events for bookings made before this Christmas. Visit their web site for details and use booking code QUDOS2023 to obtain your discount.

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