A helping hand to develop your ISO 45001 OHS Management System



There are increasing demands on organisations to protect the health and safety of their workers. Those demands are enshrined in legislation and various codes of practice. With penalties for noncompliance also increasing, it is now more important than ever for business owners and managers to put all the necessary controls in place - to make the workplace safer, and to demonstrate due diligence. The way to do that is with an OHSMS - or Health and Safety management system.

Safety Toolkit will help you to understand requirements - then plan and document your own system.

New version! Based on the new ISO 45001 standard.

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Improve your understanding of the standards

The first step to developing a standards-based system, is to have an understanding of the basic concepts, and the requirements of the relevant standard. Fortunately, Safety Toolkit includes a remarkable eBook that explains basic concepts, and provides a commentary on the clauses of the standard - in plain English! The latest version also includes guidance throughout on the newISO 45001.

There is a chapter on the requirements of each clause in the standards - including a summary, a detailed discussion, references to other compliance standards, one or more case studies, an activity plan to guide you on the steps needed to achieve compliance, and links to sample documents and other tools.

The Help file provides guidance on using MS Word and customising documents, and a series of training presentationshelp you to learn about various aspects of OHS management.


Plan with confidence

To successfully develop a system within a reasonable timeframe requires the required tasks need to be identified and planned methodically. Safety Toolkit provides the tools for the job, including:

  • Gap Analysis tools - detailed checklist to self-assess how your organisation measures up to the chosen standard. New! The latest version also includes gap tools for the draft ISO 45001 and integrated systems for quality, OHS, and environmental management.
  • System project plan - to help you set a timeframe, allocate responsibility, and manage the development of your OHS management system



Save time documenting your system

The standards have some compulsory requirements for documentation - while other documents are optional.

Safety Toolkit includes a comprehensive library of sample documents for you to choose from. These are designed by qualified and experienced OHS auditors and professionals, and have been proven in the real world hundreds of times over. What's more, they are ready for easy customizing using your familiar word processor! Samples include all the policy and procedure documents needed to meet the mandatory requirements, plus much more.





Put it into practice

Your system needs to be implemented and checked or verified that it is working effectively.

Forms and checklists help to prompt action, and are essential to record what took place - so your system starts to become part of the everyday method of work.

You will also need to communicate with employees, customers, and other interested parties about your management system.

Safety Toolkit also includes numerous sample Forms, Memos and Letters for various OHS-related subjects.

Safety Toolkit  is a very cost-effective development aid that will save you a great deal of time and effort - providing a positive return on your investment in just a few days. You can get started right away by joining Qudos Club

Safety Toolkit  is also available as part of the all-inclusive Qudos 3 solution for managing your OHSMS or IMS effectively and efficiently.

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